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All Guilds Meeting - December 2012

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We're back with another report from the All Guilds Meeting, which fell nicely on the first of the month!  And of course, no AGM summary would be complete without chatlogs, both raw and cleansed.  Here's what went down:

Heritage Night

DimensionTravelerCalum came up to update everyone on the status of HN.  It will return for every Sunday @ 12:00 KI time starting in January (the 6th) and continuing into the beginning of March.  He is also looking for anyone interested in conducting some of these gatherings, as well as weekday HNs and also meetings in other languages.  For more info, visit the site.

Mac and rarified were next to present some news from Cyan and Minkata shard.  Cyan is planning on switching its server to an annual contract, which is projected to lower the total yearly cost about 30 to 40 percent.  This will hopefully be done by the end of the year.  As for the Minkata shard, testing on the new physics updates continues, with more events in the near future.  Rarified mentioned a client that would handle transferring marker games to and from MOULa as well.

Guild of Writers

Lyrositor presented for the GoW, mentioning how troubles with the host company caused a few problems for Gehn shard (which Hoikas has been working hard to fix).  Details on how to get back up and running are here.  Another update is also forthcoming, which will likely include the new Tre'bivdil stained glass winners as well as some new fixes.


A double dose of Ly as he continued on with his own project, dubbed Omnibot.  This will be an upgrade/replacement to the current Lyrobot.  He didn't mention many details...merely hinted he was working on it.  More news to come on that soon!

Guild of Messengers

Finally, the GoMe was up.  Doobes welcomed their newest Messenger Zephyr to the Guild, while once again mentioning that anyone interested is welcome to join.  Ahlisendar updated everyone about the status of Uru2U and called for anyone who wanted to write, do voice work, etc. to get in touch with the Guild.

And that's the story!  Tune in next month (January 5th) for a guest moderator!  (Doobes will be out of town)

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